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If the trend in the imports of raw cashwenuts (RCN) is any indication, one could conclude that India's dependence on overseas sources for the raw material has become a perpetual phenomenon and is growing year after year.

This is happening despite efforts by the Centre to enhance area under the crop, besides introducing advanced farming methods to increase indigenous production through various schemes implemented by State Governments and Central agencies. The imports of RCN have zoomed over the years.

During April-February 2009-10, it stood at 7,26,095 tonnes against 5,89,299 tonnes in the corresponding period of the previous fiscal. The indigenous production remains almost stagnant between 6 and 6.5 lakh tonnes for a long time now. The processing capacity of the industry is claimed to be around 12 lakh tonnes a year. Exports have not been showing any increase in the past couple of years. Exploiting the growing domestic demand of cashew, a good quantity of kernels processed from the imported RCN are sold at higher prices in the domestic market. The price is almost double that of those in overseas outlets.