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Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are a much better snack option! Freeze-drying results in a crispy texture, giving you that satisfactory crunch you crave in a snack. But how does it work? We are here to explain to you about the freeze-drying process!

The Freeze-Dried Process

We start with fruit from varied growing regions throughout the world. The fruit is then sorted, cleaned, and quickly frozen. Water is then gently removed from the fruit by evaporating the ice. During the water removing process, the structure as well as the nutrients of the fruit are maintained resulting in a delicious, delightfully light, and flavorful CRISP. The freeze-dried fruit is packed and sealed in moisture-proof packaging to ensure crispiness. No additives or preservatives.

Freeze-drying allows foods to be stored at room temperature for up to two years! It also causes less damage to foods, such as shrinkage or toughening, than other dehydration methods which use heat.

Thanks to Brothers All Natural freeze-dried fruit crisps, eating fruit has never been easier and more mess-free! Make sure to check out our blog post, Advantages of Freeze-Dried Fruit, for more benefits of freeze-dried fruit crisps!

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